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Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010

Becker Car Stereo Decoding

We are able to provide online Becker Radio Decoding / Codes for your car radio usually within seconds of payment simply by providing your Becker serial number via our online code search facility. Where stated our Becker radio unlock codes are available Instantly online 24 hours a day, your radio code will not only be emailed to you immediatly but also the code shown on screen within seconds of processing your payment.

Becker Serial Number Location Guide

The first step is to remove your becker car radio from the car, you will then be able to locate the unique serial number required for decoding by inspecting the top and right hand side of the radio.

A typical example of becker numbers are as follows :

Type 1 has a split becker model and serial number such as

* Model : BE0837 - Serial : Y1245784
* Model : BE1122 - Serial : Y7654321

Type 2 has the becker serial number and model combined to form the complete serial number

* Serial : BE411021234567
* Serial : BE1234Y1234567

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